Shadows of blood have fallen all over the lands,
a festering fog with pale raven hair,
like ragged lips set against an unreachable end.

Carving hollow sockets from tired eyes,
erasing the chance of salvation from all choices made.

Through my most grievious faults I gave it life
with no intention of nurturing.
Yet it just takes and takes and takes.

It breathes, it sleeps, it rapes and follows.

It’s the son I’ve abandoned, it’s the daughter I’ve lost.
Embrace it, embrace me, not as it was, nor as it will ever be.

It seeks, it reaps, it tastes and swallows.

Hollow sockets, forking paths.

Find me shelter, I’ll be right as rain.
In this dire night of violent immorality
I prize the things most as I lose them.


The depths of the toothless night
mends old wounds
Graves, as old as the earth…
and your skin beneath it all.

This love is just a phase
you will grow out of when you die.

Like the stones beneath the water
you used to walk on to be taller.
Like the hands you stuck together
when you prayed to wait forever.

This bleak night’s hand,
and your words inside my soul.
Sunlight falls where shadows touch,
as life, for all its anguish,
is ours alone.
It belongs to noone.
Another fragile morose heart.

I would have died for you
if only you had asked me to,
as you followed me
into this darkness of the last sun.

We wear our own faults, our own fractures.
That’s why I loved you
and I always will.
Cold is the soul that left its path.
It has been so long since you left.

I remember how it grew
My heart inside of you
Oh, how the belly aches
Throbbing blood inside my veins
There we stood, under waves
The ocean floor an ancient grave
Undulating, sturm und drang
Gnawing chalk from the dying lands
The dying lands

In the darkness
Our bodies shone
In the black room
We were one
Dark clouds float through the sky
Gather themselves to bid us goodbye
The heavens will open, to wash us again
Cleaning our sins and drowning the pain
People cling closer, as the world falls apart

In sorrow there’s no sentiment

People in rapture, as the world falls apart
There’s ghosts abound and I’m possessed
By what was lost and what falls next
There’s sentiment in sorrows, old
And all our cities are all built with bones

Pain is inexhaustable
People cling closer, as the world falls apart only people exhaust
People in rapture, as the world falls apart as they cling closer
People cling closer, as the world falls apart in the rapture of their sins
People in rapture, as the world falls apart

This whole life is built on skeletons

Born from the ashes, condemned to dust.
Nothing ever really dies,
fingers down the throat of love.
A soul as lost as your own,
born in the undertow:
You are emptyness.

Love of liars, into the silence.
As a living proof to a lost choice,
it only hunts those opposing what can’t be overcome.
Seeping secrets from the chalice,
they will never forgive you.

Loss is all and all is lost
Blood will always tell

Even the truth couldn’t save you now,
still marching on, beyond the atrium.
The time is at hand:
Heaven and earth are theirs to kill.

Loss is all and all is lost
Blood will always tell

Choose to cheat wisely,
in this kingdom of fire
where doubt carves hunter in your veins.

There is nothing to die for
and it is tearing you apart.
Affiliate with sorrow
until completely hollow.
In these dreams,
blood is every color.

A fleeting avalanche
of soul-annihilating memory.
A final benediction
to die inside of you.

Bow down, crawl forward,
from mistake to mistake.
Avoiding their presence,
escaping heaven’s sake.

Thousand murders
Are hollow to withhold
When love is our grace
Left as bones
Around our souls
Their shadows speak
Of useful deaths
And noone dares to breathe

Two lovers now take cover
Underneath the mess that is our lives
Two lovers now take cover
Underneath the secrecy of lies

Learn to accept the burns
Wash their hands
Of the things they’ve done
We want you to fear the future
Within you the blame was found
And noone would ever listen

Two lovers now take cover
Underneath the mess that is our lives
Two lovers now take cover
Underneath the secrecy of lies

Making every promise empty.


For aeons mortal flesh has been dead,
a spirit betrayed by ambition,
still marching into the presence of god.
Among the weakest of all creations
mankind remains unmatched in scorn for their own kind.
Routine, the only thing to stand uncorrupted
where lies are the way to the light.
Gathered behind the two horizons,
they are waiting patiently,
chanting gospels of blood and dust
with a thousand twisted tongues.
In nocturne spirit, tears will fall and blood will rise.
They came to claim what’s theirs and they carried death in their eyes.
Now that all is lost the wind serenades echoes across a barren frontier.
Eternal dusk, engulfed in flames, a pleasure to end all pleasures.


Lightless abyss, hung up to bleed
The fear is inside and crawls in my skin
Nothing to feel but endless pain
To suffer alone, eternally
The world outside will turn to ash
and here inside I will die tonight
Heart’s laceration current – increase!
I fuel the famine inside my heart
born from failure, living to tell
When the world breaks apart with sadness
I will be the one in the shadows
Transcending the flaws that made me suffer
I foolishly expected great things of myself
The world outside will turn to ash
While retracing all past mistakes
I turn to you, my unborn thoughts
I breathe, I swallow,
I turn and fall, to cover my eyes
Immersion into darkness
Blackened all lights,
darker than dusk
The ashes of years cover these ruins
of an existance condemned to fail.

Watch us fall forever
I am nothing
You are the world
Love reduced to a pale fire
I amble the garden of coffins
Where there grew a rose
For every lie (I told)
Your face buried in your hands
All your hope rinsing from your eyes
I’m lost, I strive
I tumble, I fall
Nothing’s ever meant to be
Nothing’s worth to hold on
Your only friend is grief.

Born from lakes of shadows
engulfed in mortal form
Remembering the gallows,
buried in fog
There’s no hope left
Why does anyone bother anymore?
Thousands of voices lament
over wasted love and lives
while they prospect suffering
In a feroscious process they pledge loyalty
to death’s curse by questioning
every move they ever made
Death holds dominion in scorn and laughter
Obey a sardonic entity feasting upon
this drought consuetude mortals call hope
Death created time, death created everything
Ostensible detractor
You are the bottom
Of our shapeless souls

Rise and walk with me
Creator of worlds
Bring death to shallow words
Absent of sin and virtue
Standing along gravelines
Noone weeps for you
All you liars
A frame but no soul
A shell but no inside
Life is depressing
And then you die
Take the throne that’s rightfully yours
Live by a law you dictate
Kiss the cold, grey earth
And let life suffocate
Only you yourself
Can cleanse filth and marrow
Only you can answer
To a life spent seeking
What lies behind their veil
Their truth, their freedom
Mortality is the only truth to strife for
You pray for nothing
You believe in nothing
You exist for nothing
You were born from nothing
You will become nothing.
From nothing to nothing
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust.