Ultha is a five-piece metal band from Cologne (Germany). The band started in early 2014 after the demise of band members’ old bands, such as PLANKS, GOLDUST, ATKA, IRA, etc. Their music can roughly be described as a hybrid of US-Black Metal, (Funeral) Doom and Dark Wave. If you can imagine Ash Borer and Emperor teaming up with Neurosis to play songs by Fields Of The Nephilim you might get an idea of Ultha’s sound. Lyrically the band doesn’t follow any classical metal cliches, instead ruminating about the inner darkness and sadness of our human struggle to find happiness and getting lost in its failures.

The bands’ songs are mostly between 10-20 minutes long and range from super fast blast beats to slower and sludgier eruptions. With their hypnotic and melodic songs, as well as their captivating live shows, they were able to acquire a huge following in a short range of time. By now Ultha has played around 100 shows with bigger European and international acts in smaller clubs, on tours with bands such as Sun Worship (DE), Woe (US), Yellow Eyes (US), as well as many appearances on selected festivals including Roadburn (NL), Brutal Assault (CZ), Party.San (DE), Dudefest (DE), Saint Helena (DE), Doom Over Leipzig (DE), In Flammen (DE) and more.

Their critically acclaimed second record “Converging Sins” found immensely positive feedback from fans and critics alike, establishing them as a unique band with a very distinct style from the ever creative German (Black) Metal underground. This granted them a worldwide deal with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS. Said label released the band’s third album “The Inectricable Wandering” in fall of 2018 which shows the level of quality this act was able to derive from their influences in such a short time of existence.

Ultha 2018

Ultha are (l to r):
Andreas Rosczyk – Electronics
Chris Noir – Bass/Vocals
Manuel Schaub – Drums
Ralph Schmidt – Guitars/Vocals
Lars Ennsen – Guitars