Ultha 2019

This year’s UNHOLY PASSION FEST will not only be our 5 year anniversary show, but also our 120th show in total. On this day we will release our 10th release, which brings us to a total amount of a bit more than 200 minutes worth of music. To say we pushed it hard in these five past years is an understatement. But to invest this kind of time and energy in a hobby takes its toll on the protagonists behind the band. That’s why we decided to make this year’s UNHOLY PASSION FEST, on December 7th, our last show for an unforeseeable period of time – maybe ever. We don’t know yet – we just know it’s time for a break. If there are some irresistible offers regarding shows in 2020 we might consider them and come out of hibernation for one-off gigs. If we feel the urge going at it again, we’ll do so. If not, well…then we won’t. But for now all we know for a fact is that we are tremendously thankful for all the continued support throughout these five years. Without all of you this whole thing wouldn’t have been possible.

Hopefully some of you can make it out to the upcoming “Constructs Of Separation” tour, the Fall Of Man 2019 festival in Munich in November, as well as the Unholy Passion Fest 4 – Ultha & Friends @Gebäude 9 / Köln in December. Apart from that: Thanks, and we’ll see you when we’ll see you.

Andy, Lars, Ralph, Manu, Chris || ULTHA, Oct.19