ENDSTILLE (DE) to play Unholy Passion Fest

The fifth and final band to play this year’s edition of UNHOLY PASSION FEST is Endstille.

When Ultha formed and we released the first two demo tracks online, Zingultus, singer for Endstille, Graupel and the later phase of Nagelfar, was one of the first fans we had. That felt kind of crazy, as all his bands were bands we have been into for long years. He got in touch and through that a tight bond has been knit. Every year he was there for our Unholy Passion Fest. We had several ideas of incooperating him in our set – this year we said fuck it and asked if Endstille would do us the honors of playing. They agreed.

Formed in 2000 this juggernaut of a band is still as viscous and essential as ever. With eight full-length records under their belt, tours with some of the biggest international names and a reputation as a furious live act, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them at our fest for one of their rare live appearances.

Endstille will be the co-headliner of this festival, joining NAXEN, GOLD, Turia and us on Saturday, December 7th at Gebäude 9 (Cologne)

EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1730572947042950/

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