NAXEN to play Unholy Passion Fest IV

The third band to play this year’s edition of UNHOLY PASSION FEST is NAXEN. And who are we kidding, it was obvious we had to invite them, right?

As many of you know the idea and concept for our festival is to have bands we are friends with or we admire. With Naxen it is more than that – it’s family! Naxen was formed by L., a man very close to our heart. For years he played in a band called Goldust with Chris, before Ultha was formed. If you have been to one of the Unholy Passion festivals you might remember him from doing merch for us. He is a true brother and we’re glad that one of Naxen’s rare live appearances will be at our festival.

Which started out as a home-recording project turned into a full-grown band with a line-up that also features a protagonist from Germany’s own EIS. Naxen is one of the most promising new German underground Black Metal acts, combining some of the best elements this genre brought over the years: Eastern European melodies, Scandinavian ferocity, American atmosphere, a lot of passion and heart for their craft, creating their own legacy by writing simply incredible songs. They recently released their stunning debut 12“ on Vendetta Records, a perfect home for this band. If you haven’t scored one of these beauties you should hurry up!

We’re super pumped Naxen is a functioning live entity now and will be part of UNHOLY PASSION FEST 4.


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