Unholy Passion Fest 3 – Ultha, Sun Worship, Fvnerals, Verwoed at Gebäude 9 / Cologne, 8.12.18

On December 8th we’re presenting the third Unholy Passion Fest at Gebäude 9 in our hometown Cologne, in cooperation with Underdog Record Store:


Be sure to save your tickets: https://bit.ly/2NRZFxs
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Hailing from Utrecht (NL) this band is a representative of the insanely strong Benelux extreme music scene. In our opinion, this band is one of the most exciting acts to come from the Netherlands which deserves way more spotlight, that’s why we invited them to our fest. It will be VERWOED’s first show outside of their native country and we couldn’t be more excited to have them bringing their take on Black Metal to Cologne. Be sure not to miss them on their first ever show on German soil.

Originally hailing from Glasgow the band started in Brighton in 2013 and now resides in Brussels. FVNERALS is a three-piece band playing a very organic, dark, gloomy and atmospheric blend of Doom, Goth and Alternative Rock. It’s very hard to describe, but if you can imagine someone like Chelsea Wolfe going all-in with darkness, Big Brave writing more direct songs or Esben And The Witch having a more Doom Metal in their sound you might get an idea. It’s best to just get the album “Wounds” and let this manifest to sadness speak for itself.

Sun Worship are/were pioneers in their own way. Starting before the whole hype around Black Metal became such a big fuzz, they played small clubs in and around Berlin mostly with Noise/Drone acts as there was noone else to give them a stage. In a short while they evolved into a household name with their frentic, energetic, hypnotic and very own take on traditional Black Metal, giving it a special twist and just delivering some of the best songwriting this music can offer. Their live performances were always stellar including appearances at festivals such as Roadburn, Norðanpaunk etc.