Today we can finally make it official that for our third full-length record we will be working with renowned record label Century Media Records. We are excited to take this step and collaborate with a label that has been dedicated to extreme music in its various forms for 30 years. A lot of records released by them paved the way for what came to be Ultha. We’re very thankful for the respect they are showing towards our musical approach and the ethics which go along with it.

We will start recording at Goblin Sound (Cologne) in the next weeks and aim for a release in time for our tour in October, which is being booked by Doomstar Bookings right now. If you are interested in setting up a show please write to alexander@doomstarbookings.com. The timeframe is from Friday, October 19th to Saturday, October 27th.

In the same breath we would like to extend our utmost gratitude to our friend and brother Stefan from Vendetta Records for believing in us from day one. We wouldn’t be here and couldn’t have done this without you!

– R, C, M, A, R – (May 2018)