This year is more than half way done and had a lot of ups and some downs. After a fantastic tour with our brothers in Woe we’re stoked to do a second tour with our friends YELLOW EYES in late October/early November.
Besides the tour we will only play a handful of shows, since we want to focus on writing our third album.
The next shows will be two major festivals:
1) Brutal Assault
2) Party.San
There will be a ltd. festival shirt for Party.San.
You can mark your calender for Dec. 9th, where we will host the second part of our “Unholy Passion” fest in Cologne. It will be our “Year’s End” show where we will play alongside some good friends who couldn’t join us for the show in January. More on that in about two weeks.
The split with Paramnesia is at the pressing plant and a second split is in the works (song written/not yet recorded). There will also be something for the tape afficinados.
Well, you see we’re busy. Thanks for still being interested in the shit we do. It’s very much appreciated.
PS: The new Yellow Eyes record, due out on Gilead Media in fall, will blow your mind. No shit, it’s a game changer.