Fear Lights The Path

“Final Eternity Arouses Reactions,
Freeing Excellence Affects Reality,
Fallen Empires Are Ruling,
I’ve got the fear.”
– Ian Brown –

2016 comes to an end tonight. It has been quite the year for us. We’re filled with gratitude to all the people involved in making this year such an extraordinary one. There are too many to mention. Next year will be equally as exciting, it seems.
Still 2016 will by many be marked as the year they realized death is a force you can’t anticipate, as many of “their heroes” were taken. It’s odd to see that every day hundreds and thousands of people pass, and yet it seems grief is only for the famous (at least on social media).
Death was always a topic we dealt with in our music, yet the FEAR of death, and life, and love and all the other challenges of human existence bring, will always be a dominant theme to our work. The closing track of “Converging Sins” is called “Fear Lights The Path (Close To Our Hearts)” and was ranked by many as the best track we’ve written so far. We’ve decided to give this song a video treatment. It’s the last piece of work for 2016.

Thank you all for this year. Godspeed.